I dont really know where I left off. I am unsure what had happened last, and I really have a small desire to go back and look.

I was infact tempted to just… Start over. To make a new journal, to close this down and be done. But everytime I have ever done that I end up regretting it. So, I wont. Really I have about 2 years of blogging sank into this journal.
I suppose I will sink a few more years into it.

5 months later. The last post I KNOW I posted was on September 7th.
My divorce was legally finalized on Sept 11. A few days after that, September 14th, Unknown to me at the time, I became the mom of a little egg thing that started dividing.

Roughly Oct 13th I took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant.
At age 26 I was going to be a mom, unplanned, unexpected and everything that comes along with that.

November 17thish we moved up to The Big City again.
Soon after both Cinder and I returned to work at Walmart.

We are currently living at the Dragon house. However its looking like we will be moved into our own home by March. Dreamer should be moving up here soon after that or possibly right before school.

Life is promising to be busy.