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So it seems that by the time I actually ever get home to blog. My brain is fried and I stare at a keyboard blankly. So I just put the WordPress app on my phone and figure that in my time before work I can just do it then.

Garfunkel kitty was fixed 2 days ago and busted his stitches. So hopefully he can come home Friday. If not it’s fine, he is very safe were he is and I’d rather him be close to the vet who is doing his follow ups.

Jaxon is growing great per the Dr appointment yesterday. He moves so much that my Dr, BJ has to push him down into the bottom of my belly to be able to get him to be still long enough to hear his heart. Because otherwise his intrest lies in kicking the doppler and kicking at any hands who touch my tummy. According to him it must be great fun.

It’s weird how, even inside, he has already made me and Cinder love him SOO much. He makes us giggle at his flips and kicks, smile when he calms down to sleep. He makes the Dr’s giggle at his direct attempts to fight off the mighty doppler machine. I really do already love him alot. I’ll be the sappy mom who probably cries when I see him. Even though I will be completely unsure of what else to do.

My test came back and it was positive for shingles. Like. Seriously. What a random occurance.

I got my work accommodation note. So I am a cashier now and I can have a stool as needed. These poor suckers will be stuck with me until he gets here now.

Cinder had his default court day set. We think everything should be finalized and granted then, if it’s not it’s just a 30 day wait time and then it is. It’s all almost over. Then it’s just basically letting the court decrees do the talking.

Going to go order a new SS card monday. Double check with the benifits office as well that I can get married and not screw up my medicade. I looked online and it seems that I should be safe. With a unit of 3 it’s like under 3875 a month. Which… yeah. Not an issue.

Our new projected move date is the beginning to mid april. We are going to look at apartments and have plenty of time to make the perfect choice for us.


I suck at titles.

Tomorrow we are going out on a double date with Ru and Mark. We are going to Kiss and Tail. Its a food event thing with a comedy improv group. They will be reenacting the mating habits of the animal world for an hour. For me and everyone else to laugh until we cant breathe at. Because this is what my friends and I do as romance for valentines day.

I dont have another Dr. appointment for 4 weeks or something.

Hopefully in the nearing weeks Cinder will be able to finalize custody papers. They supposedly arrived today. Pending a call from the lawyer.


Jaxon doesnt jack around with kicking. at 24 weeks he kicks hard enough that you can feel it from the outside. Dear heaven be with me ten weeks from now. I fear I will be on the train of a bruised rib someday. It almost instills fear in me 0.0


Filled out job apps for Cinder, got 4 turned in, for multiple positions at all.


Work the weekend, hoep to go to a museum on wed.


Thats all I know right now.


Jaxon Dean

We went and had our anatomy ultrasound and well as the gender thing. I am going to be having a boy. I am really excited, though for a moment I concidered that I may really reevaluate that I may want a total of three kids. What if two boys drive me to insanity? Ru’s advice is to wait until Jax is close to 2 1/2 or 3 then consider. Which makes sense, since realistically I carry the traits for things such as autism and adhd. If he has either of those or various other issues, I am not saying no to another kid, but I dont want to feel like right in the middle of the critical time of getting him diagnosed if he needs it and starting therapys that I will be right in the middle of another pregnancy or birth.


I cried like a total sap when we found out that it was a boy. I was able to say he was named and finally its more real. He will be here sooner then I know, He will be busy, and rambunctious and fantastic. The little boy will have my heart on a string.

I almost attacked the ultrasound tech, and may have slightly verbally. She told me that I ‘was sure prepared by having a name already picked out’. I informed her that getting any level of medical care so far has been an uphill battle. That right now I still didnt know WHERE I was going to live when the baby was here, that I didnt know if i would stay home or work. I knew nothing about anything. Only that I could promise to my baby that he was wanted and loved. That meant that picking out his or her name, meant in my mind I had somehow done SOMETHING for him. I had named him. I had picked what he would be called.


I am sure though that I will never know what a stocked fridge looks like again. Because Boys. I will wonder what washing laundry without Oxyclean is like, because boys. I will fully understand the definition of boy – A noise with dirt on it.

I will come to really dispise lame manipulative girlfriends someday. I will never have pleaded so hard for a kid to either just dont have sex, or for heavens sake use a condom.

But in the end, I will have a darling little boy.


I am excited. It has taken me a LONG time to come to this point. Many blog articles read of other moms who have been on a similar journey to mine. But I am ready. Now we just have to make it th rest of this pregnancy, who is half over now.