I’m still trucking along. Little guy is still carrying on.

He will be here so soon.

I’m so in love with him and I can’t wait to hold him. I’m so worried that I will be afraid to hurt him. I probably will have the fear of that, I’m sure it’s normal. He will be so small. But I also keep reminding myself that this is the same boy who has been fiercely kicking away for almost 20 weeks. The same guy who gets all bent out of shape over the doppler machine and protests it.

I’m not curious as to his hair color, his eyes, will he be darker toned like momma or pale with freckles like dad?

We got the boys room mostly set up. Older boys bed is set up and made and stuff.
Crib is kinda assembled.
We will use a pack and play for the first 6-12 weeks while he is in our room.

Ultrasound next week. I’ll know more about him then.