It’s mothers day. Yay! My first official one.
My necklace, which I know what it is, is in back order from an artist on Etsy who is custom making it. It represents both boys in a fantastic way.

Cinder got his necklace for father’s day way early. I had to have It in by an order deadline to ensure it would be here by June and it showed up WAY early.


Alot of my night is spent pacing, sitting up and trying to sleep.
It’s worth it though when I get to wake up in the morning (dog. Dead. Tired.) And feel his hiccups.

It’s 28 days left. I’m ready to.hold him.

Still working 35 hours a week. I’m still loving being at work. I’m training at customer service now so that I can hopefully apply for a front end manager by next Jan is my goal. IT may happen sooner.

Cinder is doing really well at work also. He is going to take his manager test right after he goes back to work after little one is born. So then he gets to line for management.

All in all things are going good.