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To sex? or not to sex…

Ever time I mention sex in a post, it gets like 3x the ratings and read of ANYTHING else I write.
Sex sells.
Maybe I should make a blog of EVERYONE I have sex with, and tell you EVERY DETAIL. I bet then I’d be the most popular blogger evar……

Probably not actually…
If you want a blog all about sex Go here. There is much about sex there. They do all sorts of toy and porn reviews usually. Stuff on swinging, stuff on poly, and stuff on sex.

h look! I found a graph again! (I like pictures.. They make things more interesting)

Though, the not able to change stuff on that kind of bothers me… Regardless!

Heterosexual – You like the opposite gender! YAY!

Homosexual –   You like the SAME gender!

Bisexual – You like both men and women (not the same as pansexual)

Pansexual – You like ALL gender identities  not just, male identity and male parts or women and women parts. You like people for personalities.

Heteroflexable – your interest lies mostly in the opposite gender but you would not rule out the same. Its flexable,

Homoflexable – You like the same gender, but  would not rule out the opposite gender.

Take all of that! And then you can have your picks and choose PLUS

Aromantic – You are not interested in romance. It isnt your thing. That cute messages? Super sweet ifts etc. Yeah, just doesnt do it for you.

Asexual – Sex isnt really a huge things for you. You may LIKE sex, but dont really have an overwhelming sex drive.


None of this makes you weird, broke, odd or whatever. It is all very interchangeable. It can always change.

At some point I hope to make a post of fetish and kink related things





So. This stuff. Above. It can be kinda complicated. Growing up, most of us were taught that it was easy, you are either a boy, or a girl, and you like boys or girls. TADA! Easy as pie!

Except…. That isnt really how it works… Because you see…




Only recently Was transgender removed as a mental illness.


So, Gender Identity. What gender do you FEEL like. This is can be fairly fluid. One member of my core family is gender fluid, as is another of our outlying cluster.
What does this mean? It means that they may go months at a time identifying as one gender, days, or even hours. Then, it can switch. These two even go by different names depending.

I consider myself to be Gender Queer. Meaning, I dont feel like either very strongly.

There is also non gendered, and the more commonly known genders, ALL female or ALL male.

Gender Expression . How do you express yourself? You may identify as a Male, but enjoy dressing as a woman, full time even! <~ that is Kimberly Tiffany. I know and adore this person. I met him at an event I worked at 2 years ago, and have seen him the following years. This year, I cant wait to spend more time with him. Kimberly is a great hugger, and always has on a great smile. Stellar person all around! Also: makes adorable fairy outfits himself.

I gender express as a female mostly. Usually, out of convience, and… I have to many curves as of right now to pass very well otherwise. Plus, I am a pretty big fan of boobs and cleavage.

There is, also, Androgyny.

(I have a soft spot for Androgyny… it makes me SUPER weak in the knees… Just so you know…)

Biological sex. This is not something I know much about besides fairly basic. It has to do with your external sex organs. But, it may not be the ones you where born with, you may not have all female ones, or all male ones. So, I will move on to the next topic before I say something that is wrong

Attracted to sexually.  What gender do you find most attractive? Females? Males? both? None? Somewhere in between? does it even matter to you? Females that present as males? males that present as females?
This also can change during your life time.
Do you have a ‘type’? or is it kinda all over?

I consider myself pretty pansexual. Ie. I LIKE people. I tend to crush on people who I connect with, who are genuene, who laugh and who I find attractive as a person. Gender is a lesser to me.
But I lean more towards girls… By a large amount. I do have a relationship with a guy, and I adore him. I have had crushes on other guys also.

Attracted to Romatically. Pretty much the same as above


Next post? We are going to jump over to sexuality a little deeper.



We will start with the most misconstrued term in Poly. “triad” maybe, second only to a unicorn. Unicorns are white and they glitter >.>

By the way, these high class drawings where done by me, on the wacom tablet. You can make monitary donations to my paypal address.

A ‘T’ realationship is what most people’ think’ they want. But for that thrid person to be there, they rely on a & b to be happy and together. I am not a huge fan of this, since it to me is forcing someone to love someone that they may not

The triangle up there, is what we format after. each person goes on dates without a third, for THEM time. We also all go out as a family.



Clusters. I like this term. Its easy to say “in our cluster”. because then i COULD be referring to my girlfriends, boyfriends wife. and it still is in the ‘cluster’

I figure the two familys I formatted off of for this graph where pretty simple. I am sure tehre are much more complex ones.