^ The song I pulled the seemingly random title from.


Last night was drum circle. It was pretty fantastic, I found out that there is a fair chance that I will be able to learn under a fire spinner who was there.  I was in a great place, it helped me realize where my place is in life. I think even though I am in school and doing school, and will contenue. That I need to focus on drumming and poi dedicatedly as well. I feel like it would be something I would much love, to get to travel and spin etc.

I also talked to the lead teacher at the UU. I am going to be helping teach 3rd grade this year. I CANT WAIT. I miss kids, and teaching and urg I miss it. It will be nice to also be teaching humanitarian ish curriculum and not a set religion. I feel strongly about that. That kids dont need to be taught religion at that age. They need taught moral principals.

Have to go to take care of the grandparents medications today. I just need a hazmat suit. that would help.
Mom assured me that Grandpa has been a jerk his entire life, she can remember knowing this in gradeschool. I suppose it helps to know I don’t get special treatment of abuse :p

Casey’s mom is coming to visit also today. I love when she visits. She is a good break from the normal. She is taking me to lunch with her. I look forward to it.

Tomorrow I am going to kc. Taking Bear and Flame home. I get to see N, super excited to see her. I have not seen her recently. I really miss having her around. She can always talk logic into me when I am simply irrational.  She helps me to see the out side of a situation. She verify’s if my feelings are normal and correct.
It is hard without her here. :/

I am hoping to go to the demolition derby tomorrow night. A very ‘american thing to do’ I was informed yesterday. Welllll it may be very american, and very redneck and tacky. But watch me go and love every frigging moment of it. I love the loud, the wrecks, the smell, the people and the mud. EVERY THING ABOUT IT.

All in all, life is good. I am feeling positive about my anti depressants. I am shocked at how bad I DID feel. It has made a huge change, and all for the better.