Today has been a slow day so far (I am not complaining let that be known.) I have been doing house work since about 11 this morning. Then took time to go to lunch with Bugg, CxD & Jedi. Came back, folded more laundry, started two more loads. Now waiting on the one load to dry.

After I get that done (Which, I SHOULD be in line to have that done by tonight) I am going to move the table and everything out of the dining area, vaccume and pinesol the floor. It hasnt been done since we moved here. It needs it bad.

tumblr_mqk486GUR71rh1wv4o1_500I have spent the last few days thinking back over the difficultys that distance presents. I have not been able to hear from Flame regularly due to internet stuff since Tuesday. Code should be home this Tuesday I hear rumor (Tomorrow I suppose) so I hope the internet is better then.

I forgot that distance is not so much about, this many days until I see you, and about, short little, I saw this and I thought of you things. Telling people that, I got this call today about a job, and I couldnt wait to tell you. Even if it is just a one line thing. A text message saying ‘We turned Bugg into Flutter Shy today. it was funny’
Counting days will kill you. I learned this last time. It doesnt matter that, right now, it looks like it will be a total of  25 days until I see Flame & Bear. It matters that, first thing this morning, I woke up and I thought of you, I wanted to share the breakfast I made with you.

Distance, just a test I dont want us to fail.