I week or two ago, I asked Flame if she would consider collaring me.

I am now in training.

Two days ago I learned nadu, and the rules for me for when I am to kneel. This is a picture of nadu.

esterday was my first full day of it. I think maybe 5 times? I didnt forget, so I was pleased.

Today I am getting more tattoo work done on my 1/2 sleeve, and maybe some other random stuff.

Earning a collar. Why is it important to me, why did I choose it, and ask for it.
I am a switch, I normally switch to in charge , top, domme, what ever you may use.  However, around Flame, I switch the other way, to sub, to bottom, to eager to do what she asks.
Flame is someone I have known for a few years, she has always stood by myside. We have stood together through her break ups, and mine. Through her family changes, and life changes as well as mine. She thinks the same thoughts often at the same time, and it isnt uncommon for us to both voice them at the same time.
Serving her feels right, it is something that I am not only eager to do, but happy to do. I yearn to do.  I am eager in the morning to get to go to her and kneel. To bring her the things she needs and wants.
I love my Flame to bits, I am glad to get to be with her, to serve under her, and hopefully beside her as well. (There ya go, switch BDSM dynamics!)