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I got to skype with Flame, Final and Bear  tonight all at the same time. It brought me MUCH joy. To hear and see them all at the same time is something that I don’t think words can really express.
To see Flames face as she laughs at someone one of us does etc. It makes things pretty great



The moment where I say goodnights to everyone is the WORST though. I feel it in the pit of my stomach. There is nothing that a computer screen allows, that i can use to show how much I am going to miss them while asleep. I would sleep with Skype on all night, if nothing more then to hear them breathing while they slept.



I have been able to talk to Wuukiee almost every night this week. It has brightened my day,  to be able to hear how hers was and share mine. I love me a Wuukiee muchly.

Tomorrow is looking like it will be another down day. I didnt even have to get out of my jammies ALL DAY.
I am probably going to stay up super late again reading.
Speaking of which, I picked up my kindle and started reading a book for the first time in months. It is usually the first time to go when my depression hits.

I start training next week at work.
I go to ND to see Ashes very soon.
School starts just after that.

My life is happening finally. I was able to say, this is MY life and I am GOING to make it happen.




Things in life are going pretty fantastically. Flame got he  internet back. I had missed her much, it made the last week a challenge to get through. I am used to her being one of the first ones I rush to tell things. Her being there to explain something that I can’t figure out. Me doing the same for her.

Talking to final helped alot. It has been neat to watch him click into a place in life, for myself as well as Flame. His smile is something I look forward to.

In about 10 days i leave to go see Ashes. I cant wait. I am pretty sure I will tear up when I hug her for the first time. Seeing E & E will be neat. It will be a great week. Leaving will be hard.

That is the hardest thing about having friends all over the world. Leaving. Because I dont always know how long until I see them again. I know I will, but not how long. I cry when I say good bye. I usually manage to hide it until I am alone. But I always cry. Crying on an airplane looking out the window may be one of the worst. You just watch the world go by, knowing the miles between are racking up fast.

I look forward to the first time I get to wrap my arms around several people. I will never want to let go.


Whistle While You Work!

Today has been a slow day so far (I am not complaining let that be known.) I have been doing house work since about 11 this morning. Then took time to go to lunch with Bugg, CxD & Jedi. Came back, folded more laundry, started two more loads. Now waiting on the one load to dry.

After I get that done (Which, I SHOULD be in line to have that done by tonight) I am going to move the table and everything out of the dining area, vaccume and pinesol the floor. It hasnt been done since we moved here. It needs it bad.

tumblr_mqk486GUR71rh1wv4o1_500I have spent the last few days thinking back over the difficultys that distance presents. I have not been able to hear from Flame regularly due to internet stuff since Tuesday. Code should be home this Tuesday I hear rumor (Tomorrow I suppose) so I hope the internet is better then.

I forgot that distance is not so much about, this many days until I see you, and about, short little, I saw this and I thought of you things. Telling people that, I got this call today about a job, and I couldnt wait to tell you. Even if it is just a one line thing. A text message saying ‘We turned Bugg into Flutter Shy today. it was funny’
Counting days will kill you. I learned this last time. It doesnt matter that, right now, it looks like it will be a total of  25 days until I see Flame & Bear. It matters that, first thing this morning, I woke up and I thought of you, I wanted to share the breakfast I made with you.

Distance, just a test I dont want us to fail.


So I slept on it.

Last night was an awful night of sleep.  I tossed and turned, I kept waking up after only a few minutes of sleep (but it had felt like hours). I had absolutely ridicules dreams. That turned into even more dumb sex dreams. (Like I mean the SUPER weird kind). Then I woke up and tried to get a blanket only to have Bugg and CxD be snarky (in there sleep, IN THEIR DEFENSE) and I had to get up and go get a blanket for myself.
It was terrible. Ugh.

My deductions over sleeping on it? If I get hurt, I get hurt. I am going to risk it.

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