I got to skype with Flame, Final and Bear  tonight all at the same time. It brought me MUCH joy. To hear and see them all at the same time is something that I don’t think words can really express.
To see Flames face as she laughs at someone one of us does etc. It makes things pretty great



The moment where I say goodnights to everyone is the WORST though. I feel it in the pit of my stomach. There is nothing that a computer screen allows, that i can use to show how much I am going to miss them while asleep. I would sleep with Skype on all night, if nothing more then to hear them breathing while they slept.



I have been able to talk to Wuukiee almost every night this week. It has brightened my day,  to be able to hear how hers was and share mine. I love me a Wuukiee muchly.

Tomorrow is looking like it will be another down day. I didnt even have to get out of my jammies ALL DAY.
I am probably going to stay up super late again reading.
Speaking of which, I picked up my kindle and started reading a book for the first time in months. It is usually the first time to go when my depression hits.

I start training next week at work.
I go to ND to see Ashes very soon.
School starts just after that.

My life is happening finally. I was able to say, this is MY life and I am GOING to make it happen.