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New year’s eve

And I am by myself in my room. I try and stand by the notion that if I can’t play nice I can’t play at all. Well Sin isn’t playing nice. So no fun for me. I am tired and grumpy. There for  I
am lashing out over stupid stuff.

I’ll just play on my kindle fire.

StumbleUpon and pulse news reader. Let’s dance.



I wish I had the  means to afford a studio in the big town that I visit often. Same town Jedi lives. It would be nice for when ALL of my family goes back on holidays, or just myself. To have a home we kept decorated as ours, just one that just our cats would visit and stay in.

But I would miss staying at the Dragon house. Cause its super fun to not be alone.

First world problem yo

Today, Is winter solstice. The longest night of the year. The day of Yule, The burning of yule logs. Today is a day to reflect on those lost this past year, who we still carry in our hearts.

In 2007 My family stood by the bed side on Winter Solstice of a Person we loved and cared about very much. We stood by the name of a man who was called Jericho by those near and dear to him. A man who spent his life on the streets, who we met under the front street bridge in KC. A person who brought laughter and love to everyone when he would hug you.

That night, at around 7pm he passed from our earth here. I still have his backpack with his name on it.

Friends are made in the strangest of places, with the most unsuspecting people.

This winter solstice open your heart, to what friendships YOU may be missing by not widening your horizon.

Blessed be you and yours.

Kiss me under the mistletoe…

It is 48 hours until the day we leave to drive to the city. We will be spending our holidays there. The tension in the air in the house is so very thick. I opened the windows today to usher in some less charged air. Maybe it will be easier to go about the day.

We all have people we are excited for seeing, many the same. I feel like I should warn a few people to wear one of those raid shields I think they are called.




Its not long times, but its time. Its hard. Distance is just a factor, a small one, but somedays, its hard.

Days when all the three of us at this house want is to be able to hear and feel number 4’s heart beat.

For Yule we got a few people gifts. We couldnt afford many gifts since we are driving up there and the gas costs a bunch. But we got some.

tumblr_mejk8hDR6M1ro2j6to1_500Its to snow this weekend. I want to kiss everyone in the snow. ❤

Coming out – the results

We got an email back. It was as bad as I feared in a way, but better as well.

There was a lot of religous judgement passed around. Denial of CxD being a human with a name. As well as being compaired to just a nightly threesome. Fantastic. ::sarcasm::

All in all we are still invited to Christmas (yule…) (winter celebration season) (darn it) and supposidly always welcome. Hmm…

Yule celebration Saturday. Jedi will be there. Can’t wait. I miss her. Wanna kiss and hug her again. 

Coming out to the in laws

I need to clear some things up about our relationship with CxD. S and I are in what is called a “non-monogamous triad”, which may also be called Polyamory. Polyamory is a hybrid word from Greek “poly” meaning more than one, and Latin “amor” meaning love. This means that we are all equal members in this family, and we all have an equal say in family matters, as well as love and life in general.
Cxd is an equal member of our family and myself and S would appreciate it if everyone could just call her CxD, and not “sister”.
There are some things that people tend to ask when couples come out as “poly”, so I wanted to address them now, to nip them in the bud.
1. Why stay married?
We are each others best friend, we love each other very much, watch out for each other, we want to grow old together, which are the same reasons that most people want to stay married.
2. What about jealousy?
Jealousy is a fact of life. However, it’s not as debilitating we feared it would be. It is battled best by being secure within ones relationship. S, CxD and I have nightly talks about our feelings, and address any problems head on instead of letting them simmer until they boil over.
3. Are you/we happy?
Honestly, I am happier at this point in my life with S and CxD than I have ever been. At first I was worried that I would pay too much attention to one or the other and upset them, but this has not materialized at all, and in fact I seem to love them more and more with each passing day.
I know that you may not know or understand this “new fad”, but S, CxD and I all feel this is more suited for us, and none of us could be any happier. So I am asking you to just accept things as they are. Judge if you must and pray for us if it eases your disappointment.
If you would like to discuss this with me in an adult manner, here are some guidelines I that need to be followed for all our sakes:
* Accusatory and or hurtful statements will not be accepted under any circumstances.
* Please give time before responding so that responses are not emotionally fueled, but rather thought through so we can talk about it like the adults we are.
* Further discussion is allowed, however, if it crosses respectful boundaries it will not be discussed or replied to.
I figured I would let you know now, and lessen any shock you might feel around Christmastime.

I love you and my dad and all my brothers and sister.
Your son, Bug; your daughter S, and CxD
P.S. PLEASE remember that we are the same people we were before you read this letter. Three people who love life, who love to laugh, and who are trying to leave a positive impact on the world.

I dunno what to write about 😛

I am back with my household for a few weeks, that exciting. I really miss being at home with them, and it being calm and less hectic, though for me, hectic is fun.
Bugg and I had some interesting *cough cough* conversation this last weekend. It actually, contarary to his fear, brought me much closer to him. I don’t know if he knows that yet (he will now!!). But When he opens up about things like that I see more of him that I admire, more of who I love.

CxD is doing my hair right now. I love it even though it takes for ever. Its time I get to spend with her doing girly stuff. She takes the time to do it RIGHT, assuring me she cares.


Date with the Jedi (WAHAHAHHA She would laugh hysterically if she knew I called her that! HA HA HA AH HA!) was well. The course changed a bit, but hey it was all good. Laughter, time well spent and cuddles where acheived, so it was a success I think.

We had our first poly in our town meeting. Watched the show Poly amoury, married and dating from sho time. That is an ENTIRE other post. WOW…..

So there ya go!  bullet version of recent stuffs….

I feel some cute post coming and what have you.