We successfully got moved. We moved into a HUGE house that is much better for us. We are working on lining up the things we need to get a house loan so we can actually own it.

We are getting a second Mastiff, he is about 5 months old and I look forward to him coming home. I think our current Mastiff D will also be excited.

Final will be back for Christmas, on Christmas day infact. I am working hard on not trying to count the days. I know its roughly 3 weeks now. I am ready for him to be back. Infact I think everyone is. I know Bugg misses ijm alot, he voices such often. He has such great trust and companionship with Final, in that he is very trusting and such. It warms my heart to see the compersion between them.

On the work front things are going really well. I love my job still, I have amazing managers. I have learned and trained with so very many things.

On the dating front its pretty non eventful. There is a few guys I am interested in. But for various reason they are really not options. Maybe later on, but ya know. Its fine really. I dont need or really want any other dating relationships. If I did I would want super casual. Like I said though, life is busy. But I have learned to not block out options.

I also officially offical have a switch boy. Its Final’s best friend. Its an interesting ‘it’s complicated’ thing. he is a good kid who is trying super hard in life.

Bugg and I are doing way way way better. I feel positive towards our relationship again. I started sleeping in with them some again.

Life as always is busy and hectic. Sometiems I think I have someting amazig to write about and then by the time I get the chance, its always gone.