Some jerk face dumped a little 8 week old calico kitten in our hallway last night.
Our apartments have closed in halls that are indoors leading to our apartments. So they just opened the door and tossed her in.



So Cinder heard meowing and opened the hall door to find out which neighbors cat had gotten into the hall (it happens. We all know what cats live where now) and in waltzed a tiny cat.

One if my coworkers will be adopting her when she gets home from vacation next week. We can’t keep her (2 pet policy). I am sure however that she is full of rocket fuel. She never stops running. Unless she has fallen over near you purring and asleep. So I guess we have a foster.

Cinder spoke to his lawyer again, found out that to keep going to court it’s going to be at least another 1k if not more. While I wish we could afford that for Cinder we just cant. If I had enough money to keep trying to out gun her I would.
So instead it was reccomended that tuesday they meet at the lawyers and mediate visitation outside of court.
That is the current plan. Thus this year on June 18 we will be able to go get Dreamer and he will go to Texas again on Aug 11.

I am hopeful that it all goes as it should. I am so ready to hug that darn boy. I’ll cry. I miss him terribly.

I know I will love new baby just as much, but for now I remain unconvinced. I sure love that boy. 🙂
He snatched the part of my heart who was anti kid and smashed it into a little squishy pile of love.

Littlest boy weighed about 6lbs 10oz and still cooking as of Wed. His fingers are so chubby you can see his little knuckle indents on the ultrasound.
That is about all you can see LOL.
He is all smashed down into my pelvis ready to make his grand appearance.
3 weeks left. Or realistically any day now.

We are so blessed for all the support we have received and all the love not only Dreamer has towards him but also baby.