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But look at his cake!



32.2 weeks

Baby boy is 32 weeks 2 days. He is about 3.75 pounds. Momma has finally managed a 20 pound weight gain. But it’s all baby. No weight on my face, arms, legs etc. I can still wear pre pregnancy jeans at 32 weeks. My Dr bets that I will be smaller within about 4 weeks of having him than I was before. It’s likely.

I have one more ultrasound at 36 weeks. Then they will have a better idea of how we are going to get him out. Hope is still the normal push him out way. But between his size and unwillingness to stay in a safe position they are watching him.

I’m still holding 40 hour work weeks. It’s getting harder but I’m doing it!!

About 7 weeks and he will be here


We went to ikea. We got stuff.
I’ll post pictures once it’s built.

Here is our bookshelf we built


Garfunkle helps build


Cinder builds


Ceramic cookware. Since I didn’t have any anymore


Ele Belle being normal after two days of being bizarre


Gar playing on the floor


And sheet set :3


Cinder and I signed our lease! We have a 2 bedroom apartment now only 10 minutes from work and about everything else in the city.

It’s nothing fancy, a 2 bedroom 1 bath in a 1960s building. 850sq ft.

But no pet rent, not huge deposits. And it’s ours 🙂

Got one of those bank accounts, an apartment and we bought stuff together. We are some adult and family thing.

We got dishes (rainbow) and silverware (rainbow) Cinder picked the rainbow stuff. Then we got a big ceramic cook set in turquoise. We just forked out the cash for the nice cookware.
Got a coffee pot. Cooking utensils… and stuff. Yes. And stuff.

Need to go get a bed for Dreamer and get his and his little brothers room set up. We also need a bookshelf and a bed frame for our bed.

We have a couch lined up, got a 42 inch tv. Got a few plants.

Picked out a grill.

Baby boy has a bed already and… yeah.

We don’t have a dishwasher. I’m not thrilled about that. But whatever